Out of Chili

El Pep is no longer part of the store Chili. That was an important project in Lisboa but like every good thing that happens, there was some problems with the others associates. So, its bye bye to the store and new projects on the way.


Books on the radio show Indigente

On the August, 27 at 23h00, the books DEFIER and MOCIFÃO from El Pep will be presented on the radio show Indigente at the Antena 3 radio station.


News about DEFIER #1

In the E-zine ART PLAYGROUND #2, there is an interview with Ricardo Venâncio and a small talk about DEFIER.


Find us on twitter

All the news about us and our books on twitter. El Pep on the web...


El Pep @ Feira Laica

We will be at the Feira Laica at 27th to 28th of June in the gardens of Bedeteca, Lisboa.


On stores in Lisboa and Coimbra now

The books DEFIER and MOCIFÃO are on stores now, at the bookshops Chili, Mongorhead and Kingpin of Comics in Lisboa. And at the bookshop Dr. Kartoon in Coimbra. On next week, the books will be at stores in Porto.


DEFIER and MOCIFÃO at ICF in Beja'09

Nuno Duarte, Untxura, Pepedelrey and Ricardo Venâncio at the International Comic Festival at Beja, presenting the books DEFIER and MOCIFÃO.  Pictures by Patricia Furtado.


Festival Internacional de BD de Beja

The books DEFIER and MOCIFÃO will be presented on May 31 at 17h00 at the Bedeteca (Comic library) during the Internacional Comic Festival in Beja (Portugal). Ricardo Venâncio, Nuno Duarte and Untxura will be at the fest from May 29 to 31. Be free to join us at the fest.


SOLD OUT ... almost

The books DEFIER and MOCIFÃO are almost sould out. There's only 5 copies of DEFIER and 2 copies of MOCIFÃO in store at the CHILI - Rua dos Fanqueiros, 174 - 1º Esquerdo, Lisboa. So, if you whant a copie, you better run for it!


Exhibit of DEFIER originals

Ricardo Venâncio, Nuno Duarte and Untxura will be there for autographs. Be free to ask them to sign the books and draw something on them.
Remember, CHILI is a place in Lisbon at Rua dos Fanqueiros, 174 - 1º esquerdo, it's a book/music shop and a art gallery and El Pep is one of the associates. So, if you don't find our stuff anywhere, go to CHILI.


Feira do livro em Camarate

Our books will be at Feira do livro in Escola Secundária em Camarate, Lisboa. Starting next week. 


On sale in the store of Espaço Chili [Rua dos Fanqueiros, 174, 1º esquerdo, Lisboa], prints in 42x29,7 cm of the author of the book DEFIER, Ricardo Venâncio. Each print is €10 and the all set is €50.


El Pep in the Comic Festival in Angoulême 2009. More pics in the life of Pepe.


Grand opening of Chili store and art gallery in Lisbon

It will be in February the 5 of unbelived 2009, at the 18h00m. The Chili is in Rua dos Fanqueiros 174 - 1º esquerdo. There will be music, drinks, some drugs and lots of books and records. 


The present


This 3 books were printed in January 2009, and will be presented for the first time at the Internacional Comic Festival in the french city of Angoulême: MOCIFÃO, written by Nuno Duarte, Nuno Silva and Untxura. Drawn by Nuno Duarte; DEFIER, written and drawn by Ricardo Venâncio; YOUR ROTTEN FLESH, written by Pepedelrey and drawn by Osvaldo Medina.

The past

This are the 3 books we have already published: PARIS MORREU, written by Nuno Duarte and drawn by Pepedelrey. A black and white comic book about a detective in the middle of an strange and bizarre case of love and hate; VIRGIN'S TRIP, written by Pepedelrey and drawn by Pepedelrey, JCoelho, Rui Gamito and Rui Lacas and with the precious graphic designer Sérgio Duque. A cyber-bizarre-sci-fi story about two friends in love with a machine; FATO DE MACACO, written and drawn by Rui Gamito and painted by Rui Lacas. This is the second story with a strange character called Fato De Macaco.

The begining

This are the first news from El Pep. All our books can be found in all the bookshops in the civilized world, or you can contact us by mail at: edicoeselpep@gmail.com