SPACE + PIZZA MAN >>> Já à venda

Comic book, full color, 24 páginas, by Afonso Ferreira | El Pep, Outubro 2014 | ISBN 978-989-96984-8-2

The skull holds the brain.
The brain, nearby the primary sensory apparatus, let's the days go by, imagining that it travels with no boundaries.
Through deserts that i've never once seen, through beaches of an unrealistic blue and through an unending vacuum.
Damn you skull, where would the brain be if you didn't exist?

Ricardo Martins


Comic book, first issue, full color, 16 páginas, by Afonso Ferreira [original script by Tomás & Vasco] | El Pep, Outubro 2014 | ISBN 978-989-96984-8-2

Get ready! Fight!!

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